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Our mission is to use education strategies and practices to help families and children. We believe that divorce litigation harms children and empties bank accounts and we advocate MUCH BETTER remedies.

Services We Offer

Supervised Visitation

Visitation Logistics

Co-parent Coaching (COPE)

Parental Alienation (PAS)


False Accusation Recovery (FAR)

Reunification protocol (RUIN)

Deception Detection Expert (DDE)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Special Needs Experts (ODD, Autism, Aspergers)

Parent 2 Parent Coaching

Divi-kidz Peer Coaching

Karen Wagner saved my daughter. Kathleen was beyond being an “at risk” teenager… she was almost a “goner”. I had tried everything and every school without any success. Karen knew how to really connect with Kathleen and it was evident to everyone that Karen genuinely cared. By working with my daughter and developing custom tailored and creative alternative education solutions, Karen literally turned Kathleen around: In a week, Kathleen starts college as a Physics/Pre-Med major… a few years ago, it didn’t look like she would even finish High School. Thanks, Karen.Preston, Kathleen's grateful Dad

10 Warning Signs That Your Divorce Will Harm Your Child

  1. You are divorcing.
  2. Your communication with your co-parent is nonexistent.
  3. Your communication with your co-parent us hostile.
  4. You don’t trust your co-parent.
  5. You don’t respect your co-parent.
  6. You can’t forgive your co-parent.
  7. You hate your co-parent.
  8. You speak pejoratively about your co-parent.
  9. Your child/ren have “taken sides”.
  10. Your child/ren are angry (at one or both parents).

10 Warning Signs That Your Child Is

  1. You are divorcing.
  2. You are involved in a contentious divorce.
  3. One of the parents is absent.
  4. Your child has “taken sides” in the conflict.
  5. The parents argue, fight, label and/or name call (in front of the children creates higher risk).
  6. Your child is underachieving in school.
  7. Your child lies.
  8. Your child says they hate one parent.
  9. Your child is experimenting with drugs, sex or alcohol.
  10. Your child is taking prescription mood altering medication.

10 Ways to Protect Your Child from being harmed by your Divorce

  1. Rather than litigate, utilize a Co-parent Coach.
  2. Work out your differences outside of court.
  3. Communicate with your co-parent in healthy, non-judgmental, non-hostile ways.
  4. Keep your child out of the middle by not:
    • Sharing intimate details regarding your differences.
    • Discussing child support.
    • Making your co-parent “the bad guy/gal” or wrong.
  5. Calling Social Services.
  6. Involving Law Enforcement.
  7. Alienating the co-parent or the co-parent’s relatives.
  8. Ensure, Encourage, and Support continued access to your co-parent.
  9. Work out your issues and negative feelings with a qualified unbiased professional.
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