We strive to represent your CHILDREN and advise you how to truly do what’s in their best interest.
We are NEUTRAL professional supervisors, coaches and consultants.
If you are a blended family facing challenges with discipline, communication or something else, we can help you figure out the best solutions for your family.
If you are currently involved in a court case, we can help you and the other parent settle your differences without resorting to harmful litigation.
Our mission is to help parents, step-parents and grandparents play fair, align and work together for the benefit of their child/ren.
Do It For Your Children.

Meet our consultants

karen-wagnerKAREN J WAGNER received her M.Ed./Psych from Harvard University and has over 30 years experience working with parents and children.

Judicial Qualifications (in NY, NJ, MA, PA, MD, GA, FL, WA, ND, AL, IL, CA):

  • Forensic Expert in PAS
  • Forensic Expert in Children at Risk
  • Expert in Child Development
  • Expert in Parenting
  • Expert in Co-parenting
  • Expert in Communication
  • Expert in Reunification Plans focusing on children at risk, child development, parenting, co-parenting.
  • Alienation Interventions

Forensic experts provide evidence & documentation of:

  • Strategies & Tactics of Alienating Parents
  • Children’s Outcomes relative to levels and duration of parental alienation
  • Successful Interventions resulting in Cooperative Parenting Plans

As the founder of Wagner Consulting services, Ms. WAGNER brings a wealth of education and experience to assist parents, step parents and grandparents.

The WCS Co-parent Coaching program COPE has proven to be the most successful co-parenting curriculum available:


Please contact Ms. Wagner for details.

Ms. Wagner personally oversees all of the WCS consultants, coaches, supervisors and teachers.


  • WCS Reunification Consultant (RUIN)
  • WCS Co-parent Coach (COPE)
  • WCS Security Expert

Michael Lee Wagner is a 22 year Coast Guard veteran, hero and loving father of three children and two granddaughters. He knows firsthand what Parental Alienation feels like because his two youngest children were kept from him for 11 years. Michael is committed to ensuring that this never happens again to another parent. As cofounder of WCS he along with his wife Karen have helped countless children reunite with their parents.

  • Phyllis-McNealWCS CONSULTANT, Co-Parent Coach, Parenting Expert

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Phyllis holds a Master’s degree in Education from Queens College as well as Certification in Administration/Supervision from Pace University. She has extensive experience as a teacher, consultant, coach and leader. Before becoming a personal life coach she worked with adults and children in a wide variety of settings and formats, including parenting workshops, self-esteem programs for homeless and incarcerated individuals as well as providing supervised visits for divorced parents.

Phyllis credits her goal-oriented, hands-on approach to her wide and varied experiences including teaching and lecturing in Japan. “I love coaching because it ties together all of my experiences and education into one complete program”. She has a heart-centered approach to her coaching which enables her to be compassionate and understanding. In addition, Phyllis brings to her work an insightful, thoughtful, straightforward and genuine approach, and facilitates remarkable and lasting change in her clients.

Phyllis loves working with people and is touched and honored by those who are willing to share their lives with her. She currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia and is the proud parent of three and grandparent of five.


  • WCS Consultant

Yvonne Crist is a mother, step-mother and grandmother. She has been working with children and families for over ten years.




monty-weinsteinHe is the Director of the “Family Therapy Center of New York and Georgia” and is a clinical member of the “American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.” He also has a private practice where he helps his clients cope with divorce, separation, child custody and abuse.