Parents who have been court ordered to undergo supervision while parenting their children are assisted in this process by our professional supervisors. We take the position that your children are our clients. We are able to supervise parents in a variety of environments including their own homes if this is allowed by the court order. The children’s safety and happiness is our utmost concern in this process.
We provide professional consultation in order to set up your visitation times and locations. Our consultants work to ensure that the visitation exchanges are conflict free and that the children are able to be transferred with minimal contact between the parents.
Quite simply, it is the answer for parents who are having trouble agreeing about what’s best for their children. We believe that litigation harms children, increases conflict and empties bank accounts. Certified WCS Co-parent coaches help you learn to communicate effectively and cooperatively.

Whatever your marital status may be, our coaches can help you minimize conflict over your children.

Our coaches help you make agreements without resorting to litigation, saving you thousands of dollars! Our proven 10 unit curriculum can be completed in six months and will cover all major areas where parents may disagree. You’ll also have an opportunity to resolve your family’s individual differences…peacefully & mindfully.

WCS Certified Coaches will help you make the best of a situation that’s been challenging up until now.
We do it for your children!
You do it for your children!

Let us help you teach your children:

  • How to disagree without being disagreeable. How to honor both parents.
  • How to share responsibilities.
  • And most importantly How to Play Fair!

If only one parent is willing to be coached, we can start there!

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Richard Gardner coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome or PAS in the early 80’s to describe what Dr. Monty Weinstein calls, “the systematic and methodological attempt to remove a parent from his or her link to eternity.” Dr. Weinstein coined the term “parendectomy” and it aptly describes what many parents involved in high conflict divorces attempt to perform. Alienating a child from his or her parent is considered by many learned professionals as child abuse. Targeted parents many times have no idea how to respond and many give up or give in to the alienator’s demands. Many times attorneys and judges have no idea how to detect alienation and many wrongly assume that children can and ought to be able to choose between their parents and align with one or the other. Aligning with one parent against the other will prove devastating to the child’s psyche. In their adolescence and young adulthood they will be susceptible to many adverse conditions most notably a lack of trust in adults. 100% of the time an alienated child will lack the interpersonal skills necessary to carry on healthy relationships with others. Alienators need immediate intervention. Their desire to punish their former spouse must be addressed in the strongest possible ways including preventing them from further damaging their child by limiting or monitoring their contact until they can demonstrate a change in their behavior. This can usually only be achieved if the alienator is under a court order to participate in a program of reunification.

Alienation can be as subtle as desiring that your child love you more than the other parent to as dramatic as cutting the other parent out of the child’s life completely. The only antidote for targeted parents is contact. Do not let your child’s mother or father cut you out of your child’s life! It is only when a parent is completely cut off from his or her children that complete alienation can occur.

The only solution to parental alienation or PAS is a program of reunification. It is best if reunification is court ordered due to the fact that alienating parents usually have trouble being accountable. Occasionally an alienating parent will agree to reunification but that is extremely rare. Alienated children generally do not express a desire for reunification and since they are alienated it is unreasonable to take their wants into account, although many attorneys, psychologists, GAL’s and judge’s routinely want to hear from the child as to his or her wishes. Alienated children have learned to lie and they have also learned not to trust adults; therefore, basing court orders on alienated children’s wishes is absurd.

Allowing a child to testify in court or to speak with a judge is tantamount to child abuse. Children should NEVER be asked their opinion on court proceedings, custody issues or other adult legal matters. Many alienated children appear to be independent thinkers but the truth is that they have been compromised in many psychological and physical ways. A good family therapist can usually identify the players in an alienation case but unfortunately courts routinely rely on pseudo-psychologists who care more about billable hours than they do your children. Court appointed psychologists routinely and regularly opine about the best interest of children and then proceed to limit one of the parent’s contact with the child. It is a proven fact that loss of a parent is one of the top three adverse risk factors in a child’s life. Any psychologist or GAL who recommends limiting, monitoring, or prohibiting parenting time MUST have documentable, verifiable, factual evidence of abuse before doing so. Otherwise the therapist is, in fact, recommending worsening the situation for the child. This happens more often than not in disputed custody cases.

WCS and The Family Therapy Center have a documented successful Reunification Program. We customize the RP to fit the needs of your family. Reunification involves all family members in different modalities. Alienated children learn to separate fact from myth, truth from falsehood, and reality from illusion. Depending on the degree of alienation this can take up to one year to accomplish. Targeted parents learn to depersonalize the situation and begin to respond rather than react to negative influences. Targeted parents receive the support they need to reestablish a healthy, communicative relationship with their child and the alienating parent. Alienating parents need the most drastic intervention and are seen by Reunification Trained Family Therapists or Psychologists. These parents many times have some repressed trauma that they have transferred to the targeted parent. They also may be proving loyalty to a new spouse or love interest. Many times the alienator has not “gotten over” the relationship and harbors feelings of hostility and revenge. Although alienators many times appear to be “normal” the pathology is fairly easy to identify by a trained, capable professional. Many alienators enlist the help of pseudo-psychologists who side with the alienator due to their own unresolved issues and lack of mental health and/or professional ethics. Alienators are the most problematic of the family members and it is only with clear boundaries, limits, accountability and resulting consequences for non-compliance that they are able to learn how to co-parent effectively.

If you are in need of a reunification consultation, please call WCS or The Family Therapy Center today. We help parents win back their children’s love!

Other services we offer:

  • False Accusation Recovery (FAR)
  • Reunification protocol (RUIN)
  • Deception Detection Expert (DDE)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Special Needs Experts (ODD, Autism, Aspergers)
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