Dear WCS,

Thank you for helping me with my supervised visitation. Your supervisor was very helpful in that as she was extremely professional and supervised very well without our feeling at all intruded upon.

PG (Mother of 3)

After Every Storm the Sun Shall Emerge………My Daughter is Back in My Custody

I’ve climbed a mountain with a ball of pain attached to my left leg. However through it all, the Lord kept telling me to keep climbing. I’m not going to pretend like I was a pillar of strength through this test. Many times I called out to God and many times I contemplated the taking of my life by willing myself to death. Being falsely accused of doing things that you have not the capability to do, by those who truly indeed abandoned and were negligent to my child was something I thought was impossible to occur in our modern judicially managed society. To bear witness to the exploitation of my child’s mind through the cruelties of Parental Alienation by her Father, his wife and the Department of Family and Children Services could have not been any worse than the martyrdom of so many innocent people who have been slaughtered for the sake of the motivations of the guilty. However through the valley of the shadow of death and through the darkness that encompassed our lives for 3 years, 4 months and 14 days ended as abruptly as it began in the summer of 2006 when on Saturday October 24th 2009 my daughter decided to come home and move back in with me.

A month ago after three years of sparse communication I came to my daughter’s house to tell her that our beloved Aunt Elizabeth had passed forward in Washington DC and whether we talking or not we were going to her funeral and celebrate her life in dignity. She agreed to attend and to my surprise she stated the following to me, “It was prophesied to me recently that a relationship broken between me and one of my parents was being healed and God was making a way to bring me and this parent back together and strengthen our bond greater than it had ever been.” The death of my Aunt was the catalyst needed to bring us together and her final sacrifice to me was made when she went forward to rest with our Lord. In Washington the ice was broken. In the midst of what was more like a family reunion, my daughter and I began to talk without cruel remarks and the child I once knew and doted over had re-emerged. Upon return to Atlanta my daughter continued our communication on a daily basis and she invited me to her school to attend her most important 11th grade conference in which her father neglected to make an appearance. Grateful that I was there and she did not have to bear the raising of herself by herself any longer, I could see definite progress.

Towards the end of my second year of dealing with this nightmare, I realized that spiritual warfare had been enlisted against me and others who are suffering. The darkness is using every means necessary to conquer your spirit, to take your life, destroy your future, to murder your resolve and turn you into something that you will have trouble recognizing. However this victory has proven two things to me; the truth shall come to the light and nothing God has given to you can be taken from you. I did not how or when my child was going to see through the barriers of Alienation and lies. I could not predict when her mind would mature enough to truly understand the things I have tried so desperately to convey to her and protect her from for all these years. All I know is the Lord placed her in a situation to develop her into a wiser individual and the void she sought for so many years has been filled and the answers she needed to know about her Father have been given to her. Now she has a completely different impression of the grass on the other side of his fence. Out of my company she has witnessed her Father deprive her of basic needs, like clothing and food. She has seen his blatant philandering with many different women and his recent decision to leave his wife of 17 years who aided in the facilitation of his deeds, to move into the home of his mistress. She realizes that he is incapable of caring for himself let alone her and his other children on unemployment and a $750 social security check I provide to him solely for her care. She realized that over $12,000 dollars given to him by me in January of this year was never used towards her needs and was squandered on a business he tried to start that has not made a dime since its conception this year. My daughter realizes his true motivation was to turn the child support responsibility on me and take control of her finances for his own means. She realizes that I am her soul provider and future prospects of her attending college and beginning her career in a manner required by society to be successful would forever be damaged if she continued to entrust her dependency on this man. A man, who is suspected of forging documents, using other people’s social security numbers to procure credit and housing and has presently stolen this month’s $750 allotment for his own bidding and refuses to return it to her. Regardless of the monetary losses or the fate he will soon suffer once a federal investigation is concluded, we are now in the process of healing our wounds and my daughter has been restored to the safety of my household.

I am forever indebted to the support of Karen Wagner and the NPRA. There is absolutely no way I would have sustained an able mind through this process if it were not for the love and care of this woman. Karen unselfishly has given me her time, her shoulder to cry on and her non-judgmental advice to get me through the roller coaster ride I just got off of. In the sessions that Karen, Burge, Michael and Dr. Weinstein created two years ago, I was able to receive the support I so desperately needed from those that EMPATHEZED with my struggle. So many parents have lost their basic rights to simply love their children and we have become a family of fighters for the right! Some of us did not make it through the battle and fell victim to their transgressors; however their sacrifice has not been in vain. We will continue to support one another, we will continue to pray for one another and we will continue to be a force that will not stand for the unethical persecution of families across this nation. If we do not fight, change and restore this system to an impartial and logical resource for resolution, then we will destroy a generation of human beings that will one day inherit this Earth without the psychological means to maintain our species.

If you have been affected by the revenge of a former spouse or if you have been persecuted unjustly by a money driven state agency and you feel like all hope is lost, I say to you it is not. Faith is your power. Love is your weapon and endurance is your companion! You too will soon be reunited with your children. You too will feel the warmth of their lips against your cheek and you too will enter out of darkness to find yourself a stronger individual than ever before. God Bless you and I will see you soon on the battle field!

I went through the hard work of building a relationship after a divorce and we came out a stronger unit with the help of WCS Co-parent Coaching. It benefited not only our children but us, the parents, as well. I am now a divorced mother who has co-parented and raised 4 amazing children. I could not have done it alone and am proud to say I like my ex-husband more now than before. Co-parenting worked for us and our children. Thank you WCS!
I never thought that I would be in the market for a supervisor to spend time with my son but I couldn’t have made a better decision by choosing Wagner Consulting. Our supervisor was very professional and understating of my position. She took the time to answer all of my many questions. She was also able to quickly see the strong relationship my son and I have. I only had to use your service a few times but would definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the same unfortunate position. My life is finally getting back to normal. Thanks for everything!

A Father
Atlanta GA

Karen Wagner is very insightful and skilled in helping parents. Her fearless efforts helped both of us to face the need for each of us to collaborate for our son. I am most grateful that Karen empowered me with tools that help our son to know it’s safe to love both of his parents. I am grateful for her wise counsel!
A Mother